Rej’s Version: Telling the parents about 2010

Originally posted on: ‘2008-11-24 22:22:47’, ‘2008-11-24 14:22:47’, ‘ I suppose my version of the story is a little different from Oneal’s, because I spent an hour and a half driving from Antipolo to Makati while Oneal was stressing out in Greenbelt. I was stinky and sweaty and smelly na by the time we got there….

We finally did it, we told our parents

Originally posted on: ‘2008-11-22 12:00:02’, ‘2008-11-22 04:00:02’, ‘ For months we had been trying to figure out how to tell our parents about our plans to get married, we couldn’t very well tell our friends too soon, news has a tendency to leak rather quickly. So on November 16, 2008 we tricked our respective families…