We finally did it, we told our parents

Originally posted on: ‘2008-11-22 12:00:02’, ‘2008-11-22 04:00:02’, ‘

For months we had been trying to figure out how to tell our parents about our plans to get married, we couldn’t very well tell our friends too soon, news has a tendency to leak rather quickly. So on November 16, 2008 we tricked our respective families into going all the way to Makati for dinner, they did not know what we were all meeting up in my friend’s restaurant Solihiya in Greenbelt 5.

Good thing more stores opened up in the new Greenbelt 5, Rej got stuck in bad traffic along C5 due to the Rhianna concert in the Fort, while i had to stall while my parents kept wanting to go to the resto for dinner already.

as soon as Rej arrived with her family, we had sat down to order food, everyone still thinking there was a special new menu we were invited to try so nobody ordered a full meal. we sprung the news on them to much surprise, but everyone figured it was inevitable.

speeches & tears all around
— oneal


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