Bridal March?


Originally posted on: ‘2009-05-14 12:24:43’, ‘2009-05-14 04:24:43’

‘For months now, we’ve been wrestling with the question of what song to use for the bridal march. The Star Wars themes are perfect, and John Williams is brilliant, but somehow none of them are really appropriate for a bridal march. The closest we could find was Evil Genius Orchestra’s rendition of Han Solo and the Princess. So we’ve left the question unanswered for the past few months. Then last week, Reitch and her friends Mark and Rachel came over for dinner, and Mark, upon hearing that we were having a Star Wars wedding, asked, “So what will you be marching to?” Drat, there’s that question again! Still we had no answer. We scoured Oneal’s music for geek anthems and themes, and there was just nothing that fit. *sigh*

Then last Monday, we went to Karen’s birthday Rockeoke party at Mag:Net High Street. We went, ate, drank, sang and danced, and went home. Just as I was snuggling next to Oneal, and he was snoring away, and I was about to fall asleep, I had an epiphany. “OMG, how come I never thought of it before? Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now, by Starship! It’s perfect! Zzzzzzzz.” And I was off to dreamland. (It should be mentioned at this point that Mannequin is one of my favorite movies of all time. I ‚ô• Andrew McCarthy! And the hosts at Rockeoke dragged Karen to the stage to sing Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now. Jovan, Monique and I were in front of the stage, singing and dancing along while powered by mojitos. :P)

Fortunately, I remembered my epiphany upon waking, and immediately shared my Eureka moment with Oneal. He seemed to really like the idea.

Looks like we have a wedding march song! 😀 The only problem now is: (a) making sure the church is okay with it, and (b) hoping the group that plays at the reception can play it. Cross your fingers!’


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