Click, snap, flash!


Originally posted on: ‘2009-05-19 13:32:06’, ‘2009-05-19 05:32:06’

‘Today’s task: find a studio for the photo and video coverage!
With the caterer settled, the photo and video coverage is the next big hurdle. ¬†We actually had a nice idea for the photo coverage of the wedding. We have a lot of friends who take great photos, and we intend to ask all of them to bring their cameras and take pictures during the wedding. Then before they leave, we’ll make sure to copy their pictures. From this pool of photos from our guests, we’ll make the wedding album.

Still, we need 2 professional photographers, and 2 camera men. We need the photographers primarily for the preps and the ceremony, since it’ll be hard for the guests to take pictures of the ceremony. 😛 Plus they can take care of ¬†all the usual shots: with the family, with the entourage, etc., etc.

Then the video coverage is necessary, because while a lot of our friends take great still photos, great camerawork is a little more difficult. 
Another thing: we don’t want the supplier to provide us with their edited wedding video, or the wedding album, bound and layouted by them. We want them to just do the coverage, and give us the RAW shots and raw footage afterwards. Then Jovan will help us edit and layout the photos, and we’ll print and bind the album ourselves. Dexter will edit the wedding video.
We had originally wanted to ask Oneal’s cousin, Carlos Hubilla, to cover the wedding. He was so excited when he heard about it, and would have been so willing to do it. He had friends who could do the video coverage too. Alas, he may be out of the country then, so we’re still not sure about that. So we went through the many fliers we’ve gathered from the bridal fairs.
I found a studio that offers a package with what we need: ¬†2 professional photographers, and 2 camera men, for the budget we have in mind. I emailed them, and hopefully they’ll lower the price when they find out we don’t need the album and the edited video. :D’


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