What to wear?!

Originally posted on: ‘2009-11-24 14:20:11’, ‘2009-11-24 06:20:11’,

‘One of the first things you think of when you get invited to a wedding is, “What am I going to wear?” This is especially true of our own wedding. In response to the news that ours will be a Star Wars wedding, most people–especially the friends of our parents–say with a small note of worry (or is it panic?) in their voices, “Will we have to wear costumes too?”
Oneal’s answer has been, “If you’re going to wear a costume to our wedding, it must be screen-accurate! It must be 501st quality!” I tend to say, “Well, it would be nice, but you don’t have to!” with a sheepish grin. Let’s face it: Star Wars costumes are not cheap, nor are they easy to make. Imagine having to explain to your seamstress what tabards are!
If you aren’t up to the expense and stress of having a Star Wars costume made, that’s perfectly okay! Standard formal attire is completely acceptable: barong tagalog for men, dresses–cocktail, long, or otherwise formal–for the women. Our motif is white and gold, so I’m sure you can find something appropriate. ¬†But if you are planning to wear a Star Wars costume to our wedding, then YAY! 😀

That said, here’s what you shouldn’t wear, because these costumes have been assigned/claimed:

Padme’s Wedding Gown

Bail Organa Alderaan

Breha Organa

Leia’s Awarding Ceremony Gown

Imperial Navy Admiral Uniform

Gold handmaiden gown

  • Sheltay Retrac, Bail Organa’s aide

Bail Organa’s aide, Sheltay Retrac This list will get longer as we get closer to The Day, so stay tuned!’


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