Nitty gritty


Originally posted on: ‘2009-12-02 18:12:02’, ‘2009-12-02 10:12:02’
‘Why is getting married so complicated?? All I want is to be one with my hunny bunny till death do us part. Why is there so much paperwork and fuss???? Right now, we’re working on our marriage license. We need to make a personal appearance at the Paranaque City Hall, and present our CENOMARs, NSO birth certificates and Oneal’s certificate of residency. We also made reservations to attend the pre-cana seminar at the Center for Family in Ateneo in January. But before we can do that, we need an authorization letter from the church. AND we need to submit our birth, baptismal and confirmation certificates. Egads! Surely getting married was never this complicated before? On the upside, I think all the suppliers have been booked. The venue is now fully paid, yay! We’ve also finalized the program. It’s only two months away, and it feels like there’s still so much we need to do. To top it all off, it’s Christmas! But I guess Christmas is just another opportunity to be thankful that I have a wonderful Oneal who wants to marry me. It’s going to be a Merry Christmas indeed! — rej’


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