Ten Days to Go

Originally posted on: ‘2010-02-10 18:16:51’, ‘2010-02-10 10:16:51’, ‘Sure, we’re stressed, but it doesn’t feel like the end of the world, or like a deadline looming. It feels more like the rest of our life is about to begin, and we really can’t wait.
So what have we been up to? I’ve been trying to tie up loose ends at work so that everything’s okay when I go on leave. Oneal’s been doing the same, I think. Together, we’ve been delivering wedding invitations, getting RSVPs from the guests, and preparing for the despedida de soltera, which is happening this Friday.
Perhaps among the most exciting things we’ve been doing of late are the attire fittings, and the dance lessons. 😀 I can’t wait to see my finished dress and veil, and Oneal’s really excited about his barong. And last Sunday, we took our first dance lesson!
In the days to come, we’ll be meeting with our ninongs and ninangs, finishing off supplier payments, and pampering ourselves in time for the wedding. I can’t wait till I’m married to my hunny bunny. — rej’


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