Official wedding photos

Originally posted on: ‘2010-03-23 01:19:41’, ‘2010-03-22 17:19:41’ ‘We have the wedding photos! Thanks, Pat Mateo! They’re awesome. 😀 We’ll post them as soon as we can! We got 3 cds,’

The 501st Legion

Originally posted on: ‘2010-03-21 14:59:00’, ‘2010-03-21 06:59:00’ ‘ At our wedding, we had 12 troopers in attendance: 10 white troopers, one Imperial officer, and Darth Vader. Two other members of the Philippine Outpost, Noel and Paolo, weren’t able to bring their armor, but they did help wrangle the troopers. The guys of the Outpost escorted…

Speech by the mother of the bride

Originally posted on: ‘2010-03-19 23:23:46’, ‘2010-03-19 15:23:46’ ‘ This is a draft of the speech given by Marian Martin Layug, mother of the bride. This day is a day full of gratitude. I thank the good Lord for bringing together Rej and Oneal and binding them in the holy bonds of matrimony. I thank you…

Speeches: Mother of the Groom

Originally posted on: ‘2010-03-18 13:26:43’, ‘2010-03-18 05:26:43’ ‘ This is a draft of the speech given by Leonor Tripon Rosero, mother of the groom. — First, I want to start off by saying best wishes and congratulations to Rej & Oneal! I know that you both have been planning for the past year to have…

Pictures Galore!

Originally posted on: ‘2010-03-05 13:12:33’, ‘2010-03-05 05:12:33’ ‘Now that the wedding is done, photos of the amazing event have been flooding cyberspace. Check out the photos from Oneal’s camera, taken by the Managing Editor of Playboy Philippines, Misha Lecaros: Ceremony Pictorials Reception Cake and Cupcakes‘