Speech by the mother of the bride


Originally posted on: ‘2010-03-19 23:23:46’, ‘2010-03-19 15:23:46’

Me and Oneal with my family - rej

This is a draft of the speech given by Marian Martin Layug, mother of the bride.
This day is a day full of gratitude. I thank the good Lord for bringing together Rej and Oneal and binding them in the holy bonds of matrimony. I thank you all for being here to witness this blessed event. You are here because every single one of you is either a family or close friend. You are here because you know and love them both. Your presence here is a blessing too.
Because Rej’s father, Fer, has passed on, I will speak for both of us. (minute of silence?). I thank our daughter Rej, whom we call Genine or Be, for being such a joy and a treasure from the day she was born to us. Speaking as a mother, in the midst of this cloud of happiness lies a twinge of pain. Our children are with us for only a brief moment in our lives. Today, we the parents of Oneal and Rej realize that they no longer to belong to us, because now they belong to each other.
My husband and I always knew that someday we would have to let our precious daughter go. On Rej’s bulletin board at home, is a birthday card that her dad sent her in 2001 when Rej turned 20. He wrote, ‚ÄúYou are now a young lady but you are still my Be and you will always be for the rest of my life. All I want is for you to be happy.‚Äù Today, I believe that Fer’s wish has come true. Rej is truly happy now that Oneal and she are man and wife.
I thank Oneal for promising to be her companion in life from this day onward. I also thank my new balaes, Baby and Boy Rosero, for raising a fine son like Oneal whom they can be proud of. Parents are like the character actors. Once we parents have delivered our piece, we leave the stage to our children. The last time we parents were the stars was in November 2008 when Oneal and Rej told us that they had decided to get married. I shall never forget something that Boy, Oneal’s father, said on that night. He said, ‚ÄúWe waited 36 years to have a daughter.‚Äù
To me as a mother, it was very sweet to know that Oneal’s parents accept Rej, not just as a daughter-in-law, but as a daughter. I know that Rej is marrying a good man and into a good family. I also know that Rej’s Dad accepted Oneal as the man whom Rej loves. Before Fer passed away, he asked Oneal to take care of his daughter, of his Be, and I believe he is very happy that Oneal is fulfilling that promise today.
To me, that Rej and Oneal found each other is in itself a miracle. Sometimes I look at them and I say WHAT IF? What if we had never returned to the Philipines and remained an OFW family forever. What if Rej and Oneal had never been such keen Star Wars fans and never joined the New Worlds Alliance? But Thank Goodness their destiny was written in the stars, or more specifically, in the Star Wars, and they did find each other. That is a miracle.
This wedding is a demonstration of the miracle of love, of the love between Rej and Oneal. The miracle of love is that it can bring together two such different people and make them one. We are touched and awed by this miracle. It is awesome, it is divine, it is breathtaking. And we who love them the most pray that the love between Rej and Oneal will grow ever deeper and ever stronger through the years.’


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