Meralco = Money Pit?


Originally posted on: ‘2010-04-12 18:48:50’, ‘2010-04-12 10:48:50’

MERALCO, why oh why?
MERALCO, why oh why?

Nearly two months of wedded bliss, and everything’s fine. New house, new life, and many other new things, most of which use power. We’re people of many gadgets–who isn’t nowadays? My work requires me to be online almost all day, and Oneal and I have many interests online. In fact, we rely on the Internet for so many things: news, photos, communication with friends and family, even much of our charity work and 501st activity happens online. So you can understand the need for the multiple laptops, the phones, and the requisite power consumption.
Still, that’s not unusual. Neither are the aircon units (only used at night, but if during the day, only when we’re both home), the washing machine (chosen because it’s energy and water efficient), the lightbulbs (all CFL, mind you), the electric fans, and the kitchen appliances. So when we got our first electric bill in March, it was P2,082.40, and that seemed reasonable. After all, there’s two of us, and a three-bedroom townhouse.
Then just a few days ago, we got our new bill: P7,062.70
Granted, the first bill had been for 6 February to 6 March. Our lease on the townhouse started late January, and we moved in only after the wedding, so for about half of that billing period, we weren’t actually living here. But we were here at least every other day, and many of the days were spent installing various fixtures (aircon, water heater) and fixing the electrical wiring here and there. And when we moved in, we were pretty extravagant with the aircon use.
We expected a high electricity bill, but the P5,000 increase was preposterous! When we got the bill, my husband and I were looking over it, scrutinizing each charge, each item, each detail. Sure, our consumption had gone up from 201 kwh in February to 533 kwh in March. But it was ridiculous! We were thinking about power-saving strategies, like turning off the light in the hallway at night; getting those adapters with switches to make sure there’s no phantom power drain; reducing the use of the turbo roaster and the electric grill and the toaster; using the timer more religiously when we use the aircon; and reducing the usage of our secondary computers.
Then Oneal pointed out the distribution charge. What was a charge of only P0.9953/kwh in February became P2.1998/kwh in March. What was a charge of only P200.06 in February became P1,172.49 in March. The generation charge also increased from 11.19% to 11.42%.
This is preposterous. Even when we were living in Cubao, where the house had 4 occupants and we had a total of 7 computers (1 desktop and 6 laptops/netbooks) and 2 aircons, our bill didn’t spike that high.
I hope Meralco realizes this atrocity isn’t going unnoticed, and that paying customers won’t take this lying down. Price hikes are understandable, but keep them reasonable! This is ridiculous!
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