The Culinary Misadventures of the New Mrs Rosero: On Sandwiches


Originally posted on: ‘2010-07-13 17:57:03’, ‘2010-07-13 09:57:03’
‘Sandwiches are easy. Two halves of bread, some meat or fish, a toaster and you’re done. Unfortunately, many people fail to appreciate the potential of the sandwich to be a truly great meal. Most places will put tuna and mayo between two pieces of white bread and call it a tuna sandwich. Others will put Kraft or Eden cheese thin slices at that! or plain Cheez Whiz in the middle of boring white bread and call it a cheese sandwich. Blasphemy! Simple sandwiches are not a bad thing. But simple need never be boring! A cheese sandwich, for instance, can have two kinds of cheese and a dash of something to liven it up: cayenne, chopped basil, a slice of tomato or cucumber. That isn’t so difficult.
The other day I discovered how to make my perfect cheese sandwich:
– 1 hamburger bun, sliced in half
– Edam cheese
– 3-4 slices of cucumber
– Olives, chopped in half
– Lady’s choice ham or chicken spread

  • Arrange slices of Edam cheese on one half of burger bun. Option: Bury olive slices under the cheese.
  • Toast for 5 minutes or until cheese melts. Remove bun.
  • Spread Lady’s Choice on the other side. Add cucumber slices.
  • Close up and enjoy!

If you need meat, try adding sliced chorizo (saut√©ed in garlic, if you wish), liver spread, or Purefoods Ham Selections (any variant, they‚Äôre all good). Another option is to use cream cheese or Cheez Whiz instead of Lady’s Choice. You can also add sliced tomatoes. The possibilities are endless, and your appetite saved!’


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