Terrible Thursday


Originally posted on: ‘2010-08-04 09:52:42’, ‘2010-08-04 01:52:42’
‘You know how some days are bad, and other days are something else? Last week was something else.
I didn’t have a whole week of terrible things, but it was still annoying and stressful. I was waiting for some of my writing fees to be available, and accounting kept making mistakes with my kilometric name, or my checks kept getting delayed. That’s not funny when you have bills to pay.
Then the car broke down. Naturally Oneal was annoyed, and he didn’t have time to bring it to the shop. The weather made things more difficult for us, with three different wakes to visit, and Oneal having to go back and forth between Para√±aque and Pasig. We were lucky that friends happened by and gave us a lift home, two nights in a row. Oneal’s dad was able to pick up the car on Friday, and have it repaired in time for the busy weekend. All in all, it wasn’t that bad, but I did suffer a comical traumatic experience that must be shared.
On Thursday, I was scheduled to go to the office. Given how unpredictable the weather had been, I wanted to dress appropriately: sensible clothes and shoes for rain or shine, and presentable clothes for the wake of Dante’s uncle, which we were visiting that night. So I put on jeans, a tank top, a jacket, and brown boots. I was armed with an umbrella and two handkerchiefs, a bottle of water, and my knife tucked behind my back. I also had snacks in my bag, since I get grumpy when I get hungry. See, I was prepared for anything!

RIP rubber heel
RIP rubber heel
So I stepped out and walked my usual route towards the corner of Ortigas Ave. and C-5, to get the jeep to Cubao. I trudged through Hypermart and Tiendesitas. Once I was on C-5, that’s where I noticed that my tread seemed uneven. When I looked down, I saw that the rubber heel was sticking out on the side of my foot! I had walked so far, and it was so hot and I was sticky and sweaty. I couldn’t very well walk all the way back home lest the heel come completely off. So I waited for a jeep and got down at the corner to walk home. By the time I got to the house, the heel on the other shoe was coming off too! When I looked at my shoes at home, I saw that the heels were cracked in the middle. It looked like the rubber couldn’t take the heat from the pavement. I had to change into a different pair of boots. And since I was already disgustingly sweaty, I had to change my shirt too.
Both shoes!
Both shoes!
I set out again for the jeep, and I made it to IPI, unscathed and starving. I got on a jeep and made it to Cubao without incident, with only crackers to stave off my hunger. I boarded a Lagro jeep near Ali Mall, and sat quietly as other passengers got in. Once the jeep crossed Aurora, it stopped at BDO as usual to get more passengers. One of the passengers who climbed in was a greasy-looking man in dirty black shorts and a black shirt. He looked like he was homeless, one of those wandering people who just picked up what they could off the street. And he sat beside me. I got a little nervous since he was muttering angrily, and he smelled not nice at all. I thought he was muttering at the young man who was hanging on by the back of the jeep. I tried to keep quiet and be inconspicuous. Then the young man got down at Ermin Garcia, and I thought the homeless fellow would turn quiet. Alas, he was still muttering. And he kept glancing at me. Call me terribly bourgeois and middle class and prejudiced, but I thought he was going to rob me. I thought he was looking at my jewelry, so I tried to hide my hands behind my bag and under my handkerchief. I thought he would reach for me. Once when he looked at me, I looked at him, then looked away, hoping to show that I wasn‚Äôt intimidated by him at all. I thought I saw him smile, but he was still muttering so I thought he was still angry I kept thinking, if he reaches for me or tries to touch me, I’ll slap him or elbow him. On the other hand, I was also thinking, he’s just a crazy old man, he can’t do anything. But then again I would think, if he tries to hold me I’ll kick him. Eventually he got down at Kamias Road, and I was unharmed. I and the lady in front of me breathed a very visible sigh of relief when he departed, and she told me, he had been muttering as he looked at me, “Wala ako’ng asawa.” I didn’t know if I was going to laugh or cry, so I just laughed as I told the story at the office. But that was creepy.’


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