Food for the Gods (or the Cats, since they rule our household anyway)

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Royal Canin cat food
Royal Canin cat food

It was about three months after our wedding when I got a call from a co-worker, Misha, telling me he was near the house, and that he was bringing over a wedding gift. Imagine my surprise when he parked in front of the house, and emerged from his car carrying a cage with a Siamese kitten!
It was the first time we had ever had a purebred cat. All our other cats were the offspring of my Botchok, a stray I had picked up in UP ten years ago. Though her kittens have grown to be big, strong and healthy cats, they’re still different from purebreds.
So I was a little bewildered. What do we feed him? Does he need special food? Does he need exercise? Does he shed more? I called my husband, whose first reaction was, But doesn’t he know we already have five cats!
My husband came home, and as soon as he saw the Siamese, he absolutely melted. Awwwwwww! he squeals, and he couldn’t resist picking up the kitten and cuddling it. Ah, the power of a cute baby.
Like me, he felt rather confused about taking care of a purebred cat. Fortunately, my friend Jill ran an online pet show, and often had free samples of cat and dog food. She very nicely offered me free samples of Royal Canin wet cat food.
The free samples we got were Instinctive, Kitten Instinctive, Ultra Light, Intense Beauty and Oral Mature. The kitten, Bunny, was only three months old, really a baby, so we gave him the Kitten Instinctive. He seemed to really like it, though he also ate dry cat food.
Our other cats are used to dry cat food. We normally feed them Tri-Pro pellets, sometimes Friskies. They won’t eat Whiskas. We only started buying Royal Canin when the vet told us that
Botchok needed food for mature cats
. We realized Royal Canin was something awesome when all the other cats wanted Botchok’s food. Imagine the chaos when we’d be trying to feed Botchok, and the other cats would keep trying to steal her food! We had to feed her in a separate room, and keep everyone else out. Finally, we were able to feed them Royal Canin with the free samples from Jill. We had to make sure to put a small amount in each dish, just to make sure each cat got his or her share. If we put everything in one or two dishes, the cats would walk all over each other trying to get the food!
Unfortunately, Royal Canin is a little pricey, so we can’t really afford to feed all 6 cats with it. Since Botchok is the only one with special needs, we buy Royal Canin only for her. We feed her Indoor Mature. While she’s always had a lovely coat, I think the Royal Canin food has made her fur even smoother and silkier. Now she has the nicest coat of all our cats. Or I could just be biased because she’s my favourite baby cat.’

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