Troopers at our wedding


Originally posted on: ‘2011-08-25 14:13:16’, ‘2011-08-25 06:13:16’

The Philippine Outpost at our wedding

At our wedding, we had 12 troopers in attendance: 10 white troopers, one Imperial officer, and Darth Vader. Two other members of the Philippine Outpost, Noel and Paolo, weren’t able to bring their armor, but they did help wrangle the troopers. The guys of the Outpost escorted me and Oneal as we made our big entrance into the reception as man and wife. First the members of the entourage were called and they went down the stairs into Coral Tree Garden. Everyone, from the principal sponsors to the flower girls, was introduced, and they walked into the reception to the sound of applause and cheers. But that was nothing compared to the cheers when the stormtroopers marched in. So many people crowded around the red carpet to take pictures that there was barely any room to walk! It was so exciting. We‚Äôre so happy that the troopers were able to make our wedding so memorable. The guests were so thrilled! Some of them had never seen the stormtroopers before, and were scrambling to have their pictures taken. there was much regret that many guests did not stay till the end


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