Diet Without Deprivation, part 3

Originally posted on: ‘2012-06-02 17:46:43’, ‘2012-06-02 09:46:43’, ‘(Read Part One) (Read Part Two) Step 3: Resilience, Determination and all those words that mean you’re suffering The good thing about this diet was that we never felt deprived. A lot of diets completely forbid starch (at least for a while), some meats, all sugar, and so on. Mrs Buena placed very few such restrictions on us, and even told us, “You can have chocolate, or sweets, just be sure to make up for it by having more fruits and vegetables the rest of the day.” That seemed fair. But there was a down side too. It was tough adjusting to the reduced portions of meat and starch. It was tiresome to keep eating fruits and vegetables. It was misery to cut out potato chips from my repertoire of snack options! Our friends and relatives will attest to our over-enthusiastic appetites. When we were in Las Vegas in 2007, I was able to eat as much steak and burgers as Ron, Oneal’s brother. Sometimes at dinner, I could eat more than Oneal. Oneal could finish a bag of Chocnut in one sitting, and needed no help eating sans rival or chocolate cake. Despite this capacity for carnage, Oneal and I were not gluttons. If we had cake, we usually only shared a slice. We weren’t fond of ice cream, so we had no problem cutting that out. And Oneal liked vegetables when I cooked them. Step 4: The Hook When you’re trying something new, you usually need some form of encouragement to keep you going. If you’re learning a new language, the ability to hold a conversation without having to refer to a dictionary would be a big step. If you’re trying to build a house, the first wall you put up will feel like a big achievement. With this diet, we felt like big winners every time we stepped on the scale in Mrs Buena’s clinic. A loss of a pound or two would be cause for celebration; more than that and we would be giddy with excitement, resolved to eat even better the next day. Even more encouraging was the fact that we could now fit into our smaller clothes! For the first time in years, Oneal was able to wear his jeans from college (even more amazing is the fact that he still had them, and they looked brand new). Clothes that used to be unflatteringly tight on me were now loose and better-fitting. And both of us had trouble keeping our pants on–because they were so loose (akala niyo kung ano?) and our belts weren’t tight enough. But the best encouragement was the amazement of our friends: “Wow, you lost weight!” “Looking good!” “Is it just me or are you thinner?” “Whatever you’re doing, it’s working really well! Keep it up!” Comments like those were more effective than happy pills and sugar. (Read Part Four)’, ‘Diet Without Deprivation, part 3’


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