Stormtroopers for Soldiers: FAQ

Some people have been asking how this challenge works. So I wrote an FAQ!

1. What is the #HumanNature7DayChallenge?

Human Heart Nature is a Philippine company that sells natural and organic products that are sourced and produced in the Philippines. They work with organizations like Gawad Kalinga, The Aid Foundation, Inc. (AIDFI) and the Philippine Federation for Environmental Concern (PFEC). They employ the urban poor. They develop organic farms. And they support community enterprise. They’re Pro-Philippines, Pro-Poor and Pro-Environment.

In August they launched the 7-Day Challenge, calling Filipino women aged 18 and above to do something extraordinary that shows their love for the Philippines, the poor or the environment. Women who participate have to post photos or videos on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram to document their 7 days. The deadline for entries is September 30.

Read more about the challenge here:


2. What are you doing for the challenge?

My 7-day challenge is this: I will walk around our village park in my biker scout armor. My target is 3 laps around the village park, every day, for 7 days.

Walking long distances in armor, is nothing new to me. I marched in fun runs and in the 2007 Tournament of Roses Parade in Pasadena, a 5.5 mile (8.8 kilometer) distance. Walking in armor is no picnic, but it’s fun. And I have worn my armor for events running for 2 or 3 consecutive days, especially at conventions. But those are indoors, and the convention areas are usually well-ventilated.

What makes this challenge different is that I will be doing this outdoors, for 7 consecutive days.


3. Where’s the fundraising part?

Fundraising is not a requirement of the #HumanNature7DayChallenge. Fundraising is just something I do, especially when I put on my armor. It feels like it isn’t enough to just put on my armor and walk around our village park, 7 days in a row. Sure, people will say it’s an extraordinary act. But it’s not particularly pro-Philippines, pro-Poor or Pro-Environment. And without such a compelling reason, it doesn’t feel like an extraordinary act to me.

So my husband and I decided that it would be best if, in addition to wearing my armor and walking around the park, I would take pledges from people to raise funds for charity, as the 501st Legion does all over the world.

My target is Php 10,000.


4. Why are you doing this?

At first, it was just because my friend Darlene dared me to join. But soon I realized that I welcomed the challenge to do something extraordinary, for 7 days in a row! I know it’s a contest, and that there’s a prize, but I hope you can believe me when I say I don’t really care if I win or not. I just want to put on my armor, walk around our park, and raise some money for charity.

It’s a great way to drum up attention for worthy causes, namely Human Heart Nature and the beneficiary of my fundraiser, the HERO Foundation. It’s also a great way to let people know about the 501st Legion, the “bad guys who do good,” who wear Star Wars costumes to raise funds for charity, worldwide.


5. What can I do to help?

Make a donation! Of course, any amount is welcome. The more you donate, the more I’ll walk!


6. Do we have to walk with you?

Nobody needs to join me for this walk. For my safety and documentation purposes, I’ll have a support team with me, which includes my husband (who will probably also wear his costume) and some friends who live nearby. They’ll take pictures, assist me if I have trouble with my costume, etc.

Of course, if anyone would like to walk with me, especially in costume, I would welcome the company!


7. Aside from donation/pledge, how can we help?

Spread the word! That means:

  • Sharing the Facebook event page.
  • Getting media attention for the fundraiser.
  • Spread the word about HERO Foundation, Human Heart Nature and the 501st Legion.
  • Get your friends to pledge a donation too! No amount is too big or small!


8. How do the pledges work?

Fundraising walks usually work this way: you pledge an amount, and I will walk a distance that corresponds to that amount.

In this case, I’m pegging it at Php 500 for one lap around the park (roughly 0.8 kilometers). In order to reach my goal of Php 10,000, I need to do about 3 laps per day. That means:
one lap = Php 500
3 laps = 1 day = Php 1500
7 days = Php 10,500


9. What is HERO Foundation?

HERO Foundation is an organization that provides scholarships and other financial support to the children of Filipino soldiers who are Killed In Action or permanently incapacitated. It was founded in 1988.


10. How do we know the money will go to HERO Foundation?

After this challenge, I will issue a check and personally hand it over to HERO Foundation. The turnover will be fully documented and we’ll post the photos online.


11. What is the 501st Legion?

The 501st Legion is an international organization of Star Wars fans who wear the costumes of the bad guys. Represented locally by the Philippine Outpost, the 501st is known as “bad guys who do good,” as we wear our costumes for charity, especially children’s causes. In the Philippines we have supported the Philippine General Hospital, Kythe, Make-A-Wish Foundation and many others. Worldwide the Legion raised over US$7 million in 2011 alone.


12. How do we know if you have been fulfilling the challenge?

The contest rules state that I must post a photo or video on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram for each day of the challenge, using the hashtag #HumanNature7DayChallenge. I will post the pictures on the event page and tweet as well, using my Twitter account @rejjventress. We’ll also be posting updates on this blog.


Got any more questions? Leave a comment!

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