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Donation to the GMA Kapuso Foundation at SM Marikina, during the promotions for Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

As members of the 501st Legion, we’ve done a lot of charity work in recent years. Through our trooping events, we have helped raise donations to Make-a-Wish Foundation Philippines, CBN Asia, Big Brother Big Sister, Elsie Gaches, the Read to be SMART program, the PGH Children’s Cancer Ward (Ward 9), the GMA Kapuso Foundation, and many others. We’ve also made visits to the patients of PGH Ward 9, entertaining them with our costumes and antics.

Because of this, we’ve been thinking up many gimmicks and ideas for various charity work, and we decided, we can do more. So at our wedding, we’re not going to give away souvenirs. Instead, what we would spend on souvenirs, we will instead donate to charity. And at the reception, we’d like to pass around the helmet, because I’m sure more than a few of you would love to help out. Just remember: no donation is too big or too small.

UPDATE 2009-09-04: we asked our officiating priest if he had any preferred charity and he told us about the Laura Vicuna Foundation which seeks to help street children, sexually abused, urban poor and working minors. this is the charity we will be supporting on our wedding.

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