Originally posted on: ‘2010-03-21 16:31:01’, ‘2010-03-21 08:31:01’, ‘Wedding cake by Claudette's Apparently we never got to update this page! We did finally decide on Fernwood for both the ceremony and the reception. We chose Coral Tree Garden, which had a capacity of 300 people. For the caterers, we decided on Shangri-La Finest Cuisine, because they provided the option of serving the food lauriat-style. We wanted a lauriat instead of a buffet, because people would be in costume, and it would have been uncomfortable and chaotic to have people get up just to get food. Most of the caterers we tried would charge an additional 10-15% service charge just to serve lauriat. With Shangri-La, it was one of the readily available options, at no additional charge. So Shangri-La it was! And what about our cake, you ask? The wedding cake was the subject of much debate and discussion. Oneal wanted a Death Star. I said no! Fortunately Reitch backed me up on this, and said grey icing was hard to make, and would not be yummy. We had all sorts of other ideas, and we shot them down and held them up high and shot them down again. Finally we realized, we’re not really traditional wedding cake people. We like cakes that are yummy and cute, not tall and towering and gorgeous. And so we decided to have cupcakes. Reitch offered to bake our wedding cupcakes, and we would have the toppers’ designs based on the various Star Wars Mighty Muggs dolls. Jovan and Beng offered to help with the decorating while Reitch would cover the baking. Alas, things did not go as planned. Beng found work, and did not have time to decorate. Reitch went to the US and missed the wedding completely! Jovan did not have the facilities to bake 250 cupcakes. It was quite a dilemma, and for a few weeks we thought we would have no cupcakes–or cake!–at all. But the galaxy always provides. Over a month before the wedding, we visited Oneal’s former boss, Raymond, in the Fort, and asked him to be ninong at the wedding. He was very happy that we asked, and he offered to give us a puppy as a wedding gift. We had to decline (with much regret!) because the puppy would just be maltreated by my Botchok. So instead, Raymond offered us a wedding cake. His wife, Charina, runs a bakeshop that’s quite popular in Makati, Claudette’s. Their cakes are sinful and scrumptious. What a save! In addition, Jovan had asked her friend JB for help, and he agreed to make us 50 cupcakes; these we would give to the entourage only, as their souvenirs. As originally intended, the toppings were based on the Mighty Muggs dolls. So we had a 5-tier wedding cake with Imperial cogs on them, and Star Wars cupcakes. Yay! Of course, not everyone was getting a cupcake, and not everyone would like wedding cake, so we needed dessert. Shangri-La only had almond jelly and buchi, so that wouldn’t be enough. So we got a chocolate fountain from Dexter’s sister-in-law. Dessert, check! — rej 2010/03/21

We checked=Ever since we started talking about getting married, and having a Star Wars wedding, it was almost a given that we wanted a garden reception. So we’ve been looking at garden venues, and we really really really want to book Fernwood. Wish us luck! – rej

UPDATE 2009-01-14: We have Fernwood (link to map)! The reception will be at the Coral Tree Garden, Fernwood Gardens, Quezon City, at 6:00 PM. 😀

UPDATE 2009-09-04: Our reception will be catered by Shangri-La Chinese Cuisine, which is located at Times St. just off of Quezon Ave. We’re really lucky, because it turns out one of the owners is friends with one of Oneal’s relatives, so we get a discount. Hooray!

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