Wedding Video: Reception Entrance

Originally posted on: ‘2010-09-17 17:09:02’, ‘2010-09-17 09:09:02’ ‘More videos from the Flip Camera. this was the Wedding Entourage entrance, complete with Lightsabers ‘

Wedding Video: Pre-Processional

Originally posted on: ‘2010-08-05 12:36:03’, ‘2010-08-05 04:36:03’ ‘Just discovered these videos posted by Oneal’s brother, Ron. Here are Oneal and his parents waiting for the processional to start. This video and the ones I’ll post next were taken with a Flip camera. 🙂 ‘

Awesome Ninang Ruby Bayan

Originally posted on: ‘2010-07-22 13:24:58’, ‘2010-07-22 05:24:58’ ‘ Our principal sponsors at the wedding are awesome, wonderful people, who happen to be very good friends and close relatives of ours and our parents. But one truly awesome ninang is Ruby Bayan, mom of my best friend and our best man Dante Gagelonia. Tita Ruby is…

Rej and Padme

Originally posted on: ‘2010-07-22 08:44:14’, ‘2010-07-22 00:44:14’