1 month to go!

Originally posted on: ‘2010-01-20 18:13:40’, ‘2010-01-20 10:13:40’ ‘in one month, by this time we will be mawwied! :P’

Anak ng tatlumpung tokwa, bakit ba ganyan?

Originally posted on: ‘2010-01-18 02:39:57’, ‘2010-01-17 18:39:57’ ‘You know that point where you’re about ready to give up? It could be that horrendous term paper, a 10-kilometer marathon, or a really big fight. It seems there are so many odds against you, and it would e so much easier to give up. I felt like…

Anak ng tatlumpung tokwa! Hindi pa tapos!

Originally posted on: ‘2010-01-12 01:37:30’, ‘2010-01-11 17:37:30’, ‘Even when we knew what we had to do, things seemed hopeless. The confirmation certificate: Come Tuesday, December 15, we called Mount Carmel, and the verdict was out on my confirmation certificate: the Diocese said we had to get a copy of the original from Abu Dhabi, or…

Anak ng tatlumpung tokwa! Ang hirap talaga magpakasal! (Part 1)

Originally posted on: ‘2010-01-10 00:57:29’, ‘2010-01-09 16:57:29’ ‘Some of you know by now the trials and tribulations we suffered in December in our attempts to prepare our documents for the wedding. Some of you have no idea what we’ve been up to. Well, here’s the long blog post. When we reserved the St. Francis of…

Hunting Season is Over!

Originally posted on: ‘2010-01-09 13:12:30’, ‘2010-01-09 05:12:30’ ‘We found our new home

Tuloy ang Kasal!

Originally posted on: ‘2010-01-09 12:14:55’, ‘2010-01-09 04:14:55’ ‘Our Lady of Mount Carmel finally said they are accepting our documents and we can proceed with the wedding! We can finish the pending documents after the wedding so we are not in a stressful rush. – Oneal ‘