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Punkin & Hunny Bunny - I’m the one in *uhm* white
I’m Oneal Rosero and I’ve been a Star Wars fan for over 30 years. the Philippines was one of the first countries outside of the US & UK to show Star Wars, while it aired on May 25, 1977 in the US, it showed in local cinemas in August 1977. i remember my parents taking my brother & me to watch this new action, sci-fi movie, i was 4 years old. it was the first movie i ever remember watching, we even bought a puppy that night & i promptly named him Star Wars. For years, i asked for Star Wars toys instead of the usual fads for kids my age like He-Man or GI Joe, most of my toys were Sci-fi related but i would always go back to the original movie tie-in products of Star Wars. Cut to many years later and the Star Wars Special Editions were released and it rekindled my love for the space opera. the prequels soon followed and i started collecting toys again. a friend recommended i join the Star Wars Philippines Fan Club, i immediately got involved in their activities, which led me to meeting my fiancee, Rej. These days i build, assemble and wear the costumes of Star Wars characters so that I can share with the future generations of fans how I felt when I first saw the Tantive IV fly overhead then the gigantic Star Destroyer in hot pursuit, that is one thing I will never forget. I may have been afraid of Lord Darth Vader when i was young, but now i will gladly wear a Stormtrooper, Clonetrooper even a Jedi costume just to show kids that the magic of Star Wars is still alive after over 30 years as it will for 30 more. Through all of this, i am lucky and proud to have found the right woman to share my life and love, here and in a Galaxy Far, Far Away.
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