501st Legion

We are Regina Layug Rosero and Oneal Rosero. We met through Star Wars, we got married in a Star Wars wedding, and we make Star Wars costumes.

We’re members of the 501st Legion, an international organization of Star Wars fans who wear the costumes of the bad guys. Our costumes are high-quality, screen accurate costumes, and we were them with pride. The 501st Legion is Lucasfilm’s preferred costuming group, and we appear at events to promote Star Wars.

We’re also known as “the bad guys who do good.” When we make appearances at events, we never accept talent fees, but instead request that the client make a donation to charity, preferably to children’s causes. In 2011, the 501st raised over US$7 million worldwide. In 2012, we made it to US$14 million.

The 501st is represented locally by the Philippine Outpost. Oneal is the Commanding Officer, and Regina is the Charity Liaison.

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