The Philippine Outpost and Star Wars Cebu are accepting donations via paypal which will go directly to those in need in the affected areas of Cebu

The Philippine Outpost of the 501st and the Star Wars Cebu fan club join forces to help the survivor of Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda in the Philippines

Hello world!

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Anak ng tokwa, ang hirap naman magpakasal.

Originally posted on: ‘2009-12-11 13:03:01’, ‘2009-12-11 05:03:01’ ‘It seems like every free day or hour we have is spent on the wedding. Or in the car, going somewhere wedding-related. Take Wednesday, for example. We spent Tuesday night in Roseroland, then woke up bright and early on Wednesday to go to Para√±aque City Hall. We applied…


Originally posted on: ‘2009-12-09 18:03:30’, ‘2009-12-09 10:03:30’ ‘We got our arrhae! with the rings and the cord, all we need now for the ceremony are the Bible and the veil. Oh and the candles and pillows. Yay! note: this is a 40 year old arrhae, it was the one my grandmother had made for my…

Rings, we has them!

Originally posted on: ‘2009-12-09 16:10:15’, ‘2009-12-09 08:10:15’ ‘We can’t wait to wear them na! ‘

Troopers in Love

Originally posted on: ‘2009-10-08 18:24:47’, ‘2009-10-08 10:24:47’ ‘‘

and the NSO delivers! literally

Originally posted on: ‘2009-10-05 12:48:25’, ‘2009-10-05 04:48:25’ ‘while we already *heart* the NSO for having a convenient and comprehensive website for requesting birth certificates and CENOMAR etc, they also delivered these documents quickly right to our doorstep. now we *heart* them long time -oneal’

Hunny Bunny and Punkin getting dirty!

Originally posted on: ‘2009-10-05 12:36:51’, ‘2009-10-05 04:36:51’ ‘ one week after the Typhoon Ondoy(Ketsana) hit Manila, we took some volunteers to help clean up in Provident Village, Marikina’